Are you interested in stocking CAFHUNE merchandise in your store? Contact us by filling out the form below so we can send you our catalog and more info about the products you're interested in!

Cafhune wholesales are currently open as a soft launch. Wholesales are open for international sellers only. If you're in the PH you have a physical store for your business, feel free to inquire.

At the moment, we can only accept Paypal for intl orders
Thank you! ♡

Minimum Order: USD$100
We aim to be small business-friendly and require orders to be a Minimum of USD$100 excluding shipping. Minimum 2 pieces per design requirement.

International Shipping
Shipping period may take 5-10 business days. We will do our best to provide the fastest and cheapest option for international shipping. Please understand that you are responsible for all custom fees & VAT taxes.

✿ Do you have any questions or do any of these terms not fit your needs? Please message us anyway and we'd be happy to work around things to fit your needs!

We can start discussing by filling up our form with the pop-up tab provided or through email at hi.cafhune@gmail.com with the subject line "CAF_Wholesale_[your business name]"