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Genshin ♡ Chibi sticker pack [Vol 2]

Genshin ♡ Chibi sticker pack [Vol 2]

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Sticker set
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- Size: 2 inches tall | Stickers are sold in 5 pieces
- Matte Finish Vinyl Glossy Sticker
- Stickers are waterproof and fadeproof
- Perfect for your aqua flask, laptop, phone, and more!
- Product colors may vary due to lighting and PC screens

✸ Characters Available:
- SET D: Alhaitham, Kaveh, Wanderer, Tighnari, Cyno
- SET E: Thoma, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Gorou, Itto
- SET F: Sayu, Ayaka, Kokomi, Yae Miko, Raiden/Ei

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Product Care Info

For better results, apply your sticker to a clean, dry, and flat surface. Avoid harsh weather conditions (direct sunlight, rain, snow, etc.) to extend the life of your sticker. Store in a dry non-humid area.

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